Frequently asked questions


Bithome makes your acquisition of property with cryptocurrency investments a safe, straightforward and satisfying experience. We offer a customized service that considers specific European requirements.

What about exchange volatility and liquidity?

We have designed a process adapted to each country to protect both the buyer and the seller from exchange rate fluctuations. Furthermore our broker guarantees withdrawals with comfortably high limits.

Can you provide an experienced professional for those transactions and settlements?

Many relevant professionals, like notaries and so on, are still not experienced in handling cryptocurrencies. They might even ignore what the fiscal implications are when you buy or sell a property with cryptos, or at the very least risk you costly oversights. Bithome’s networks include professionals specifically experienced in cryptocurrencies from a wide network throughout Europe.

What about AML/KYC compliance?

Many financial institutions do not accept funds that originate from cryptocurrencies; these can still be seen as ‘high risk’. Compliance with AML/KYC requirements is a huge administrative burden, which leads often to a service decline. Our partners apply best practice solutions for our clients so you remain AML/KYC compliant, while keeping the process streamlined and functional. Why not let our team handle what can seem like overwhelmingly stressful transactions? It’s what we do every day…

How safe is this service?

Based in Switzerland, Bithome is a company who specialize in facilitating cryptocurrency transactions in real estate. As Swiss financial institutions, you can rely on our partners’ adherence to FINMA regulations, (Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisor Authority).

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