“97 percent of respondents see Switzerland as an attractive or very attractive investment location…”

Ernst&Young 2018

“Swiss Real Estate Market 2018: Upturn Coming Just at the Right Time”


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Trendbarometer Real Estate Investment Market Switzerland 2018

“Survey key statements:
• There is a unanimous expectation that the low-price phase will continue in 2018 (100 %).
• Most respondents are assuming that digitalisation will change conventional business models (91%).
• Most of those asked believe that deregulation
would have a positive effect on the Swiss real estate market (78 %).”
• A majority of respondents expect that real estate management will be influenced by Smart-Real- Estate technologies (75%).
• Most of the respondents believe that the exchange rate between the Swiss franc and the Euro will influence the real estate market (65%).

Ernst & Young, Trendbarometer Real Estate Investment Market Switzerland 2018

House Prices Are Rising Again Where Home-Buying Is Still Affordable

“Real estate prices in Switzerland are rising again, as illustrated by the Credit Suisse study on the real estate market in 2018. For many people, home ownership is no longer affordable. But buying a home doesn’t cost the same everywhere, and prices vary sharply from region to region.”

“After 14 years of price growth, prices of owner-occupied homes fell in the winter of late 2016/early 2017. But the decline proved short-lived, and real estate prices in Switzerland are now rising again significantly. The strong economic upturn is driving demand for residential property, especially as mortgage interest costs remain at very low levels despite a slightly upward trend.”

“Even around Lake Geneva, where the recent price correction had the greatest impact, prices are rising again in most cases. Prices are still declining at a modest rate in the cantons of Valais, Schwyz, and Glarus, the two Appenzells, and parts of the cantons of Ticino and Graubünden.”


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