How to Buy a Property with Cryptocurrency

At the core of blockchain technology is its ability to allow you to own digital objects as if they were physical objects. Including money.
As a store of value, or for one of the myriad functions for which tokens can be used but at the end of the day, the basic truth remains:

Cryptocurrency is money.

It is better than money. Securer. Quicker. Easier. One of the verticals where it has been making a big splash in real estate. It lends itself better to any purchase, really.

But why?

Real estate is the ultimate asset.
It is likely you are seriously considering real estate if you have concerns about investing, if you are making plans for the future, or if you are considering how to protect your interests.
There is an excellent chance you have already invested in crypto. 83% of millennial millionaires own crypto.

How much crypto? A lot.

Millennials own 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrency, according to 53% of millionaires. Where would you go if you were a crypto millionaire looking to diversify?

You guessed it, real estate.

Bithome’s listing owners all accept cryptocurrency payments for any purchase of real estate property around the world. The partnership with UTRUST allowed any person having crypto to purchase any real estate property.

The top cryptocurrency payment solution on the market will partner with Bithome. Digital currencies are now at your fingertips with Utrust’s power and simplicity. Our Team at Bithome will assist you in the purchase of any real estate property around  the world.

Connecting realtors to crypto

holders all over the world

Here's what that means

You can now purchase a home with a selection of the strongest cryptocurrencies on the market.

Why crypto is better for real estate

Bleeding edge security

Crypto was built for the Internet age. You never share your personal info (like credit card numbers) online.

All wallets are welcome

Customers can pay with their preferred wallet, regardless of what it is.

Truly global tech

No added cross-border fees, no exchange rates, no intermediaries. Utrust works around the world.

It's time to buy the property of your dreams

Step 1 - Choose a property

Check out the amazing properties on Bithome website. Your dream house is right there waiting for you.

Step 2 - Get in touch

Reach out to the listings owner by message to agree on the terms & prices. Bithome and Utrust are just waiting to hear from you.

Step 3 - Agreement

Parties agree on the day, time, and transaction amount. The cryptocurrency price is shared with you.

Step 4 -Make the payment

You agree on the price and send the crypto amount to the provided address using your preferred wallet.

Step 5 - Confirmation

The transaction confirmation is sent to you. Simple as it should be!

Crypto is the ideal choice for the elite experience

With crypto, all of your payments are made instantly and safely. Regardless of where you are in the world, you don’t have to deal with banks, currency exchanges, or any of the costly intermediaries of normal transfers.

This greatly reduces costs, it’s safer, and it’s more transparent. Never again will you share your personal data online, and all transactions will be saved in a public, immutable ledger that you can check at any time.

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