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Escrow service

(This service is only offered in Switzerland)
Buying real estate with cryptos can be complicated. Bithome is a Swiss escrow and consulting company aimed at simplifying the transactional and security components of using cryptocurrency to buy or sell real estate in Switzerland. You just have to choose your ideal property then let us take care of the whole process. Let’s help you enjoy increasing your wealth, by making it smooth, easy and above all safe.


You earned wealth buying and/or trading cryptocurrency? Now you would like to put your money to use, buying a new home, a vacation property, or even diversify your investment into real estate.
We understand there are many practicalities and complications that make things challenging for you. Bithome’s escrow service relieves clients of concerns such as:

– Is my exchange able to change an important amount at once on short notice?
– What about taxation?
– How do I meet AML/KYC requirements?
– Am I complying with all national regulations regarding real estate acquisition with cryptocurrencies?


Bithome offers you a one-stop, comprehensive service in partnership with a reliable Swiss cryptocurrency broker, together with other relevant professionals, including legal, tax, banking and associated specialism who have cryptocurrency transaction expertise.

Our simple escrow service guarantees you a rapid and safe process of payment, with no withdrawal limits, while minimizing or even avoiding volatility risk and protecting your investment.
We take care of all AML/KYC compliance requirements, so you don’t have to worry.
Our legal and tax professionals will support you with best practice standards for this emerging specialist area of interest.


Bithome’s escrow service leaves it up to the sellers whether to accept crypto’s directly, or receive cash currency for any transaction. Indeed, we understand that many individuals and real estate service providers are unfamiliar with bitcoin best practices and do not want to be liable for custody of bitcoins, given potential fluctuations in the exchange rate.

– In case only ‘fiat’ currencies are accepted by the seller, our payment process avoids any volatility risk, so you have peace of mind.
– If the seller accepts a crypto payment, our escrow service will assist as appropriate, so you get the best possible deal.
Publishing your property on our site will give it the deserved visibility.

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